NTDC Outreach 
"Our goal is souls"
New Testament Deliverance Church is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.    Pl ease send all donations to NTDC, 216 Yolanda Avenue, Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743. Make all checks payable to:                                   
                                   Email us ​at admin@ntdccaphgts.com  

Contractors willing to donate materials and  services are welcome to
                                                             call 301-808-1200

Our intention is to partner with the community by developing programs that can meet the needs of the community. Their needs are our first priority. We want to listen to the community to help them secure the things that mean the most to them for the welfare of their immediate family. 

Programs such as early learning and after school care can be necessary to assist the family in maintaining a normal lifestyle and help them in ways they are currently unable to help themselves. Our assistance can be essential in helping to create an environment of normalcy to a family that is unable to meet their needs, due to lack of employment or lack of income. Our desire is to create jobs.

We also desire to  help the aging generation by providing services such as transportation and housing. These benefits can go a long way to providing a helping hand to those who need it most. Our desire is to meet needs that are not being met presently.

Our most important desire is to introduce the community to the opportunity to give their lives to Christ so that they may be saved from the sins of this world. The Bible Study and services should be helpful in their learning and understanding of ​​​​what is necessary for them to do, on a regular basis, to continue to be saved and delivered from sin. Our ultimate vision is to reach and transform spiritually distracted people, so that we can all love and serve God.  
    New addition of building and            anticipated floor plans for 2014 
Old Basement

Main Level
         Upper Level